Changing Lives

For many young people on Cheyenne River, the desire for a happy and successful future is sometimes dulled by the pressing matters of everday living – getting enough to eat, keeping warm during the winter months, dealing with friends and relatives with substance abuse problems. With all of these burdens to occupy their minds, it is no wonder why our youth can be inattentive in school or occasionally act out. It is important that we, as adults, advocate for their needs and see that they are met.

This is why the Cheyenne River Youth Project® has created two wonderful facilities for young people, where they can receive the attention and love that they deserve – the Main Youth Center for children ages 4-12 and the Cokata Wiconi Teen Center for youth ages 13-18. Both centers encourage the development of valuable life skills that will help our young people to deal with the obstacles placed in front of them.

Each step along the way, we have looked to the community for guidance and support in implemeting programs that educate and inspire. After 17 years, we remain the largest independent youth program on the Reservation, a resource for community families and an organization that is known for its dedication and devotion to youth, here in Eagle Butte and across the nation.