Working Together for a Brighter Future

The Cheyenne River Youth Project® has a long history of working with volunteer groups from all over the country. Hosting service groups has been an exciting challenge for us and a source of new ideas, creativity and support. Service groups help us to provide that one-to-one contact with the children that is not possible at other times due to our small staff size. They also help us to complete large projects within our facilities or the community, like repairing homes, or working in our organic garden. Some groups even assist at the local Elderly Nutrition Center and Food Pantry.

Participating in a service trip shows us that you have decided to spend your vacation doing meaningful work, which is wonderful. We appreciate that you are giving of yourself and of your time. Working for the Cheyenne River Youth Project® is not easy. We expect a lot from our volunteers because we simply have to. Non-profit work requires a lot of energy and understanding, especially because things are not always able to work out on our desired schedule. The work days are very long, and can be exhausting, but relating with the children or seeing a large project completed are great rewards for your hard work! When a family is able to live in their home again, because you repaired their water-heater, or a child finally participates because you took the time to encourage and talk to him or her… that is a wonderful experience.