RedCan 2017

RedCan is rising once again. With interest in Indian Country’s only invitational graffiti jam hotter than ever, CRYP’s third annual RedCan event will take place from June 29 to July 1 at CRYP’s Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Art Park and throughout the city of Eagle Butte. Check out the RedCan 2017 schedule!

What Is a Graffiti Jam?

Graffiti jams were designed to introduce graffiti as an art form, bringing together people who exemplify the contemporary graffiti art movement and how it has evolved since its inception a half century ago. In the case of RedCan, not only are artists showcasing a global movement, its relevance and how to be part of it, they’re connecting the graffiti world with the indigenous one, allowing Lakota artists to infuse graffiti with their own culture, identities and stories.

RedCan provides meaningful, lasting inspiration to our young people, who seek to explore their identities, find their own unique voices, and express themselves in a positive, healthy way. It also offers offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Cheyenne River community to experience what has become the largest art movement in the history of humankind.

Donate to RedCan

Hosting such a major event with acclaimed artists from around the world is no small task, and we need your support! Simply click the link below and include the note “RedCan 2017.” All proceeds will be used to purchase artist supplies, food and beverages, and to help cover the artists’ travel expenses.



For more information, contact organizers at In the coming weeks, CRYP will share more details regarding planned activities and performances; until then, please feel free to check out our RedCan 2015 & 2016 photo galleries and documentaries, our lineup of featured artists, our RedCan press releases, and more.  Get RedCan updates by signing up for our emails!

And keep an eye out for #RedCanRising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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