Safe and Happy Homes

For those families fortunate enough to own their own homes, keeping the home in good condition and making regular repairs can be a difficult task. Housing is a large problem on the Reservation and many families are living 8 to a house or more, which means that traffic through a home and useage is nearly double that of what it might be. Families simply lack the resources to perform the necessary tasks, though many might be able to perform the work themselves.

The Cheyenne River Youth Project®, with grant assistance from Running Strong for American Indian Youth® has been able to offer small grants of $250 per family for making basic repairs. Mostly, the family will provide the labor with the help of CRYP volunteers. If the family house has been built by Habitat for Humanity, Habitat will assist with the labor necessary for the repair.

CRYP also offers assistance connecting families with donors for household furniture like beds, dresser, tables, bathroom fixtures and other items. Families make all requests through the Family Services Program and receive assistance as soon as a donor is found. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received, or occasionally according to need.