Helping Families through Tough Times

Through the Family Services Program, the Cheyenne River Youth Project® continues our mission to serve youth by supporting their parents, grandparents and other relatives. With basic needs secured, parents and guardians are better able to give their children the guidance they need. Families purchase a yearly membership for $25, which includes all household members, to receive first access to emergency hygiene products, household items such as cleaning materials and furniture, clothing, school supplies and diapers. Members may also apply for our Heat Assistance and Home Improvement Programs during the winter and summer months respectively.

The program has also allowed us more contact with our children’s families, opening up the opportunity for parents and friends to support us through their contribution and with volunteer time. Grandparents come in to teach canning and food processing to the volunteers; parents help transport children to camping trips or other special events. Involving parents and relatives helps us to strengthen the family circle or Tiospaye, a large part of Lakota culture.