Monthly Archives: November 2008

Peace and Dignity runners complete epic 7-month journey

We’ve received word from Jose Malvido, northern route coordinator for Peace and Dignity Journeys 2008, that the seven-month, 7,500-plus-mile “Eagle & Condor Unite” run has come to an end at Panama’s Kuna Nation. The runners arrived on Friday, November 14.

“We have had the opportunity to have many blessings on this journey; we have seen many places and prayed with thousands upon thousands of peoples throughout the north,” Malvido said prior to the runners’ arrival. “This journey has also had its challenges and tragedies. These prayers and memories, hopes, dreams, will all come together in Panama on November 14.”

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Holiday parties in the works, Christmas toy drive continues until Dec. 25

Thanks to the generosity of countless individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations, children on South Dakota’s Cheyenne River reservation are looking forward to a festive and fun holiday season despite the nation’s current economic crisis.

CRYP continues to seek donations and additional volunteer support for its annual Christmas Toy Drive, and its staff and volunteers are hard at work preparing for two special holiday celebrations and, of course, delivery of the eagerly anticipated Christmas gifts to more than 1,000 children.

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